Are you looking to create and sustain, scale, or audit your business?

Business development can be a challenging task to take on, but with the right guidance, you can properly scale your business and achieve sustainable success.

With the Business Intensive Strategy session, we’ll work together to identify the opportunities that are available for your business and design personalized solutions that you can implement in one of three ways:

Strategy 1: Create & Sustain

  • This Strategy is best for those who want to start a business but do not know where to begin. You may understand some business concepts but need guidance in other important areas to ensure success. 

  • You will learn:

    • Foundational principles of business

    • Brand identity

    • Understanding the importance of Social Media 

    • The correct marketing strategy for your type of business

    • Defining your target audience 

    • Basic Business Finances 

    • Systems for Efficiency

Strategy 2: Scalability 

  • This Strategy Session is for established business owners who are ready to scale their business. This might include expanding products or services, changing your target market or properly increasing pricing for goods/services. 

  • You will learn:

    • Business Finances 

    • Pricing Structure and Value of Services/Products

    • Evaluation of Target Market

    • Plan to expand services/products 

    • Efficient Business Systems

    • Revenue Projection

Strategy 3: Audit for Efficiency 

  • This Strategy Session is for established business owners who are looking to audit their own business to ensure efficiency on all levels. Are you taking too long to get back to a customer? How is your onboarding process with a client? Could there be things accomplished before the actual session? Here we concentrate on automation, delegation and keeping your hands as free as possible to be a CEO, not a worker! 

  • You will learn:

    • Audit of major processes (you can choose up to three processes)

    • Create more efficient ways for your business to keep your hands free

    • Redesigning SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

    • Evaluating Company Culture 

    • Business Finances

"Jessica was able to fully launch her start-up luxury clothing brand for plus size women!"

"Rez was able to create more efficient processes in his existing construction business!"

"Rick was able to create a financial plan to leave his 9-5 and fully operate his landscaping company!"

This Business Intensive Strategy could save you tons of money AND time by:

  • Providing a solid strategy so you won’t be guessing your next business move.

  • Helping you operate your business to create enough revenue to scale your business and manage your household (you shouldn’t be mixing personal and business finances!)

  • Helping you market effectively

  • Streamlining your brand

  • Setting up the proper business accounts

  • Teaching you the most efficient systems to run your business

  • Creating clearly defined service and product descriptions to never leave your audience second guessing 

  • Auditing your business to see what methods are most valuable for your company to scale (existing businesses only)

  • Making sure you have a proper business foundation including legal paperwork, tax IDs and necessary certifications to help your business grow

To book your session, follow the steps below:

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Step 2: Reserve your session by submitting your payment.

Step 3: You will receive an email confirming your booking and next steps. Make sure in your response to schedule, you list which of the three options you’d like to work on as well as best days and times you are available. .

Step 4: Look out for a confirmation email with specific directions for our next steps together!


Session Fee: $297 


I am looking forward to working with you!!!

This is for: 💁🏾‍♀️

This is a great opportunity for you if:


👉🏿 ​Aspiring Entrepreneurs


👉🏿 Entrepreneurs who are great at their skill but not with business practices


👉🏿 Entrepreneurs who are ready to scale but need guidance and want to put a strategic plan in place

This is NOT for: 🙅🏾‍♀️

Sorry, but you might not need this if:

👉🏿 You’re a seasoned business owner with a plan


👉🏿 You know enough about all the subject areas mentioned above


👉🏿 You have no desire to operate a business with you as the CEO


Q: “I’m so creative and know my industry very well, but I have no clue about the business side of things. Can you help me build a business with the skills I have?”

Q: “What happens after our session?”

Q: “Will I need more than one session?”

Q: “How do your sessions work?”

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